I just started recently using Oracle SQL Developer on a regular basis.  I was a long time Toad user and had become quite accustomed to some of that product’s standards.  Making the switch was difficult for a few reasons, but one big one was because of the schema browser view that I was use to in Toad.  As I was doing some “discovery clicking” in SQL Developer I ran across exactly what I had been missing: the schema browser!  I was so excited because I just assumed that was a Toad thing.  I had never seen anyone use the schema browser in SQL Developer before in meetings or when I was at someone’s desk.

To get to the schema browser in SQL Developer right click on the connection and select Schema Browser.  It’s that simple!  (As of this post I am using version See below for screen shots.


The default way to browse objects in other schemas in SQL Developer is to use the tree view (shown below).  This can be quite a nuisance in my opinion especially if you are working in multiple schemas with more than a few objects.